One of the wonderful things about living in and visiting Chautauqua County in the summer is the number of farms where fresh vegetables and fruits can be had along the side of the road.  Taking a tour along route 20 across Northern Chautauqua County there are a number of these U-Pick Fruit Stands.  And right about now it is cherry, raspberry and blueberry season.    

Starting at the Grape Discovery Center and heading East, it won’t be far before you come across a sign for U-Pick Blueberries at John Billerios Blueberry Farm at 7177 E. Route 20 right outside of the Village of Wesstfield.



Continuing further East, you come across Olde Chautauqua Farms Route 20 , Portland NY. 

There you can stop to pick cherries for your cherry jam or just for your summer picnic table. (two Photos here).  You can’t miss it.   Just look for the Pink Elephant at 21 Brix Winery.  Pretty convenient, because after picking your quart of Cherries you can stop in and try 21 Brix’s Rose wine. 

 U-Pick15.JPG                    U-Pick9b.jpg        U-Pick14b.jpg

Continuing your drive East you’ll see more cherries at Deakin’s Farm right off Cemetery Ave.  There you can buy a quart off the stand if you prefer to pass on the picking.  Just look for the John Deer tractor that moved the stand into place.

U-Pick6b.jpg             U-Pick7b.jpg

There are many more stands to choose from as you are driving around Chautauqua County, these are just a few.  Tour Chautauqua has a list of farm stands throughout the county and may be closer. 


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