Within the Lake Erie Grape Region there is a hidden treasure that new visitors find amazing and are always happy they discovered it as they travel through the region on a bus or winery tour, bicycling or just driving by and discovering it.

The Grape Discovery Center in Westfield, NY is that treasure.  Across Chautauqua County, western New York, and northwestern Pennsylvania, the Grape Discovery Center serves as a protector and communicator of the rich history of this area’s grape industry.  Sponsored by the Concord Grape Belt Heritage Association, its mission is to preserve, revitalize, support, and promote the area’s unique grape production, products, and related industries; encouraging sustainability and economic vitality based on the agricultural, cultural, and natural heritage of the area to enhance the quality of life for all residents.

The Grape Discovery Center tells the wonderful story of how we grow, harvest and process grapes to be used for manufactured grape products. There is a exhibit center that provides interactive and media presentations that details the history of the region and the process of growing grapes.

The Grape Discovery Center is the perfect spot to begin your tour of the Lake Erie Wine Country’s wonderful wineries.  Exploring the history and sampling some of the wines from the region will be a perfect send-off on your journey of discovery of our area’s wines.  The Center has a wide selection of the area’s wines for both tasting and purchase as well as juice, juice concentrate and regional products like local jams and vinaigrettes.

Its retail shop provides a wide assortment of the area’s other products including gifts, beach glass jewelry, and clothing from local artisans. Oh, and don’t forget the grape or wine slushies!

The Grape Discovery Center is a warm and inviting environment that can host your parties, receptions, school visits, social clubs and business meetings and other gatherings.  When the weather is nice, the patio next to the vineyards is a great place to wind down after the meeting and enjoy a refreshing glass of wine.  The Grape Discovery Center staff can assist you arranging catering for your event from many of our local restaurants.

If you are interested in visiting the Grape Discovery Center or arranging an event or if you would like to volunteer at the Center contact Christina at 716-326-2003.

Also, consider joining the Concord Grape Belt Heritage Association or making a contribution to support our mission of promoting the region and the history and culture of the Concord Grape Belt.

Room with a View - to the patio

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